How To Get rid of Male Breasts – Find Out How I Did It

Dear Friend

Losing man boobs isn’t easy – I tried and failed for over 30 years! Only when I discovered the true secrets of how to lose man boobs did I succeed Especially after I learned the real working exercises to get rid of man breasts.

…and I couldn’t believe the results.

When I utilised the right methods, those man breasts vanished in a few weeks!

I’m 100% sure that you can achieve the same results, but only if you know the truth about losing man boobs. Losing man boobs involves a number of different factors, but if you master the one secret that’s responsible for 95% of failures, then your victory is assured.

So What Gives? Who Am I And Why Am I Writing All This?

Ever since high school I remember being shy because of my embarrassing chest. I remember being horrified of Physical Education in school where the guys would make fun of me in the shower, or simply see me running in my T-shirt with my booblets bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

And missing out on all the summer fun! Sitting around at home or going out and roasting myself in a thick sweater to conceal my man breasts

Watching my friends in envy while they dance around topless on the beach and jump into the water.

And let’s not forget…

All those rejections by women! How could a lady take me seriously anyway? I had female breasts for crying out loud! There’s no such thing as ‘man boobs,’ they’re woman boobs – on men!

Make no mistake about it, women want that dude on television with pecs and and a six-pack! There’s no way she’s going to see you and think ‘Woa yeh I want that!’

When I finally decided I had enough, I got out there and began finding out everything I could on how to lose man boobs. All the information on the internet – in forums and websites points toward…

Error #I: Working out the chest muscles with weights.

Is this a phase you’ve been through? If it is you’ll realise that it doesn’t work! And incase you haven’t realized already… this method doesn’t work.

So being a naive little man I went out there and started doing bench presses and press-ups.

But no matter how strong my chest muscles became, that layer of fat on top would NOT go away.

So stop doing chest exercises and focus on something that is actually scientifically known to shed boob fat!

I learned the hard way that working out the chest muscles does NOT cause fat to be lost around that area.

Mistake Number2: All I need is to lose weight…
This was NOT easy! I started running, swimming, cycling, doing weights and going on a strict diet (boy was I eager to lose those man boobs!) And to my surprise, my man breasts started to flatten out! But it wasn’t until I lost fat from my bum, legs, arms, face, back and belly, so it took a bit of time but…

Those horrid man breasts finally started to thin out and disappear!!!

However this new diet and exercise routine was not something I could maintain. Imagine having a full time job and having to exercise over an hour every day of the week, and I’m talking some hardcore exercise, not just the ole walk in the park.

I missed my favourite foods, I was exhausted by the gym. When I tried working out less frequently or for less than an hour every day, I saw my man breasts sprouting back I couldn’t live like that for the rest of my life, there just HAD to be another answer!!

Mistake #Three: eBooks with special man boob secrets have the solution I need…

Their sales pages are so convincing that I bought them all! With each and every book, after much time and effort I found that their salespages were nothing more than hype.

Unfortunately at present it appears that no-one has put together any worthwhile book on how to lose man boobs.

Now For The Solution!

Since nobody could help me I decided to do my own research (did I tell you I have a background in science – it finally came in handy for something).

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