Permanent BV Cures That Worked For Me And Will Work For You


Many hundreds of thousands of women suffer from bacterial vaginosis all around the world. BV can be impossible to treat with conventional medicine. Unfortunately since most people put their complete trust in their doctor, a lot of women end up using one antibiotic course after another for many years with no sign of their BV going away.

Bacterial vaginosis can ruin your life, and my heart bleeds for women who have to go on living with BV for several years like I did.

I went to one doctor after another about my BV for 3 whole years. All they would do was to prescribe me antibiotic creams and tablets.

The drugs they gave me did usually help to an extent, but my symptoms never fully disappeared and they would usually just come back after some 14 days or less. My doctors kept telling me that this is all they could do. They told me that there were no BV cures, and that this is a condition I would just have to live with.

But how could I live with a condition that made me feel scared and embarrassed all the time that someone might smell the fishy odors coming out from down below?

I was far too scared to get close to my husband. What if he found out?. When my husband did discover that I had BV, he was very understanding, but despite that I felt I still had to be very careful when having sex, and I avoided intimacy as much as possible. I felt dirty and horrible, I was becoming less and less sociable with my friends and less and less loving toward my husband.

This condition was about to have me beaten. I had almost had enough was was close to being ready to give up.

So I decided to get out there and take things into my own hands. I left everything in my life behind and for 3 years I went out there and started to search for an alternative cure for my BV.

I spent all of my savings for 10 years on different remedies that promised to cure my BV. I went out there, even to a number of different countries where doctors had claimed that they had used old traditional methods to cure BV in many thousands of women.

I came across a number of different BV cures. All of these treatments (well the working ones anyway) worked differently from antibiotics, in that they would treat the root cause of bacterial vaginosis by focusing on the environment inside the vagina..

You will find that the bad overgrown bacteria in BV always die off when you successfully change the environment inside the vagina. Changing the environment inside the vagina also allows the vagina’s native good bacteria to thrive and gain back their numbers. In sufficient numbers these good bacteria are able to release enough healthy chemicals to maintain the healthy state of your vagina. As a result, the bad bacteria are kept at bay and your BV is kept away for good. You could even say that you are permanently cured..

An illustration of a pretty powerful natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis is non-pasteurized yoghurt that features live colonies of good bacteria identified as lactobacilli. Most of these specialized yogurts have been established to achieve remission from bacterial vaginosis in thousands of women internationally. And contrary to prescribed medications, in quite a few such situations, the effects are everlasting.

Probiotic yogurts can either be taken by the mouth or put on immediately within the vagina. Scientific tests have shown that using yogurts orally gives more strong in addition to lasting benefits as compared with when used straight inside the vagina. Direct application does have its positive aspects however, in that its effects are generally typically noticed quicker. So for women who have severe signs and symptoms that they desire reducing now, I ordinarily would suggest that they try the two methods concurrently.

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