Sammie Fields Shows You How To Eliminate Man Boobs

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If you could learn how to get rid of chest fat now, suppose I told you that flat chest was just around the corner? That you could have pecs like a male cover model in just a few weeks?

When you consistently follow all the right techniques, your body will eventually provide the signals to burn away all that breast fat.

…and reveal the truly masculine frame you were meant to have.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why with time, more and more men are growing breasts? Just a few decades ago man boobs were so rare, that almost nobody would have any interest in reading this article!. Well what’s happening is thanks to modern occurences such as food processing, preservatives, pollution, the oral contraceptive pill in women, cosmetics, etc. We’re being exposed to an environment that’s geared toward feminization – with male fish turning into egg-producing female fish and male humans growing breasts!

How are these changes in the modern environment responsible for my man boobs?

The reason you’ve grown breasts as a man is because of a hormone called oestrogen. High levels of oestrogen in your body is the only way you can get man boobs, and with the modern environment the way it is, this hormone is making its way into your body through every known route! Oestrogen and others substances that act just like oestrogen in your body, are used widely in modern society due to their useful properties in preserving food, altering the consistency of cosmetics as well as preserving them, making livestock grow larger and produce more milk, and lots more! The oral contraceptive pill in women is largely oestrogen – it causes women to pee out huge amounts of oestrogen, which then ends up in our water supply. And did you know that more than 70% of women in the west are on the pill or HRT (which has the same effect)?

There are more men with man breasts today than ever, for the same reason cancer rates and heart disease are shooting up. Oestrogens in the environment have reached dangerous levels, and despite all the evidence to show oestrogen as a fuel for a huge range of common cancers, nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

Ok, Enough Of That, Now Tell Me How To Lose Those Horrid Man Boobs!

It’s simple! Avoid as much of the oestrogen around you as is humanly possible. Because there is so much oestrogen in your environment (you’re even breathing it in while walking around in a city or fueling up your car), you have to use every tactic available to you to reduce oestrogen as much as possible, keeping in mind that it isn’t possible to get rid of it completely.

Exercise is also a crucial element in losing those man boobs. And I’m not talking about bench presses or push ups, but rather about a special method of exercise geared toward generalised body-fat reduction. The more fat you have, the more circulating oestrogen you’ll have, since fat is a medium for oestrogen-storage, and also contains an enzyme that converts the male hormone testosterone into oestrogen. Therefore reducing those fat levels right down will be of much help in your mission to lose those man boobs, even if the fat you lose is only from your buttocks.

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