The best way to Eliminate Man Boobs – How I Finally Managed To Do It

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It’s not easy to lose those man boobs, I’d been trying for over thirty years!! When I found the real secrets of how to lose man boobs, there was nothing left to stop me! Especially after I learned the best chest exercises for men at home that actually work.

…and I couldn’t believe the results.

When I used the right techniques, those manboobs disappeared in just a few weeks!

And I totally believe that you can do it too! In fact, with the right method and the right technique, there’s no way that you can’t lose those man boobs!. Burning chest fat is different from burning fat from other parts of the body. If you can grasp the one reason why most people fail at losing man boobs, you’ll be on that beach showing off your masculine physique in no-time.

So What Gives? Who Am I And Why Am I Writing All This?

My name’s Sammie and I’ve been trying to lose my man boobs ever since I was a kid. I remember being horrified of Physical Education in school incase I were seen in the shower without my top, or realise that my tits are rather like that of Pamela Anderson running down the beach on Baywatch.

And all my summer holidays gone to waste! Doing nothing but staying home so nobody would see me wearing anything thin

Watching my friends and family having fun at the beach – taking their tops off and jumping into the water.

And let’s not forget…

All those embarrassing interactions with women! How could any woman consider me a man? Afterall I was carrying female body parts – I was a pseudo-man!

Women are dreaming about the guy on TV with ripped six-pack abs. Even if are going out with a girl, she’s gona be looking at guys like that and lusting after them.

So I went out there and started to learn everything about how to get rid of man boobs. All the information on the internet – in forums and websites points toward…

Error #1: Doing lots of chest exercises – push-ups, bench presses, etc.

Is this a phase you’ve been through? If it is you’ll realise that it doesn’t work! Stop it right now! Quit tormenting yourself with these lies! It doesn’t work, sure there’s a place for bench presses in the whole lose man boobs regime, but that place is NOT in burning boob-fat!

Not knowing this when I started out, I took the advice of well… almost everyone, and started going all out on the bench press.

But no matter how strong my chest muscles became, that layer of fat on top would NOT go away.

Hence it doesn’t matter how real it feels while your working out, if you’re doing chest excercises to thin out that chest fat, then now’s the time to stop!

If you haven’t already learned from your mistake, then learn from mine and know that doing chest exercises is NOT a solution for man boobs on its own.

Mistake #Two: All I need is to lose weight…
This was harder than I thought! I starded doing cardio, with boxing, running up stairs, skipping, playing football, all of it! And hey presto! my body started to slim down. My ass, legs, arms, neck and face all thinning out. And finally my belly and then my boobs.

I finally started to lose my man boobs!!!

But at that time I was doing cardio seven days a week, and living on the most restricted diet.

I was getting down because I wasn’t enjoying my food one bit and was dreading that intense hour at the gym. If I lapsed just a little, my man boobs would just grow back!! If I were to do this much longer, I could already see myself going insane, or just giving up entirely and embracing the man boobs. When I pictured myself at age 50, still single and sitting there watching porn with my popcorn balancing perfectly between my man boobs, I just knew there had to be another way.

Mistake #Three: Ebooks on the internet with promising sales pages have the answer…

By seeing the salespages, I was convinced the eBook they were promoting would have all the answers I was looking for! I could just add this special spice to my food and my man boobs would dissolve away! Wow! So I went out there and purchased all the eBooks I could find on losing man boobs. And to my disappointment time and time again, none of the books lived up to their sales page hype!

Unfortunately at present it appears that no-one has put together any worthwhile book on how to lose man boobs.

So What Do I Do Then Sammie?

Since nobody could help me I decided to do my own research (did I tell you I have a background in science – it finally came in handy for something).

I also advise you read my articles on… Weight Training to Lose Weight. Create a function called binary converter

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