Using Natural Options To Tackle Gynecomastia

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Regardless of whether a medical disease is at fault, gynecomastia is usually the result of elevated female sex hormones, namely estrogen. Levels of estrogen and testosterone can be altered in this way by certain environmental triggers.

Estrogen and testosterone are both sex hormones that control sexual characteristics in men and women. Where testosterone gives men their extra muscle mass and body hair, estrogen is responsible for female characteristics such as growing breasts. When a man has too much estrogen in his system (or too little testosterone), he too will develop breasts.

Below are some of the causes that can lead to an imbalance in these hormones:

Certain health conditions
Pharmaceutical drugs
Environmental factors
Hormonal fluctuations that happen during puberty

If you really are considering treating your gynecomastia naturally I urge you get a full check-up by your doctor to make sure your man boobs aren’t being triggered by some form of internal hormone-altering disease. Your doctor will also examine your breasts to see if there is any hard breast tissue, which may require surgical resection.

Environmental triggers generally, are the most common reason why men develop breasts. Hence, reducing man boobs naturally, by addressing these causative environmental factors, is usually the first course of action for a guy to take. And even if your doctor does say that you need surgery, your best course of action would be to reduce your man boobs FIRST using natural methods.

There are a number of scientific papers that have demonstrated the efficacy of medical treatment for male breast reduction, but it’s not the safest OR the healthiest option, since you can achieve a perfectly masculine hormonal balance through natural methods alone.

A ‘natural’ hormonal imbalance can be caused by the widespread use of estrogen in the modern environment, with elevated quantities of estrogen available in many food groups and even in the water you drink. Estrogen also makes its way into your body through your skin, and is even BREATHED in especially when you’re fueling up your car.

These environmental estrogens may have caused your man boobs in the first place, and it would do you good to avoid them, but for you to get that flat chest you’ve always wanted in the quickest time possible, you have to in addition, implement active methods of estrogen reduction and natural testosterone enhancement.

These methods include both dietary tactics and exercises that when combined, can eliminate male breasts in just a few short weeks. If you want to learn all that you need on how to get rid of gynecomastia naturally, take a look at the following –> Male Breast Reduction. Нужно дополнительная идея натереть редьку, в нее добавить свежевыжатый сок одного лимона

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