You Too Can Use Alternative Remedies For BV To Do Away With Your Symptoms Permanently

Treating bacterial vaginosis permanently can seem impossible if you have been to your doctor for round after round of antibiotics.

Doctors are trained to believe that bacterial vaginosis is a completely incurable ailment. One that is expected to come back again and again despite taking antibiotics.

Sometimes women can get lucky, in that after their first course of antibiotics their bacterial vaginosis disappears and never comes back. In most cases however, bacterial vaginosis does come back, and the more you attack BV head on with antibiotics, the stronger the bacteria get and the worse and more resistant your symptoms become.

Why You Must NOT Rely On Antibiotics For Treating Bacterial Vaginosis

Firstly, it’s important to establish that antibacterial drugs do not differentiate between harmful and safe bacteria. They kill both types..

A normal healthy vagina contains lots of good bacteria called ‘lactobacilli’, which play a crucial role inside your vagina by releasing chemicals that kill bad bacteria. These lactobacilli are unfortunately not immune to the effects of antibacterials. Just like the bad bacteria in BV, they are killed by antibiotics and their numbers lessened – along with their ability to maintain a safe and healthy vagina.

Since your vagina is the perfect environment for bacteria, after you complete a program of antibiotics, the bacteria in your vagina start to grow in number again. Unfortunately it happens to be the cause that the harmful bacteria that cause BV are able to grow back much faster than the more ‘timid’ good bacteria. For this reason, it’s quite common for women to be re-infected with BV soon after antibiotic administration. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the vast majority of BV suffers report subsequent infections as being both more severe and harder to treat.

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Outside of allopathic medicine there are a huge array of therapies available for the BV sufferer. When in use long term, most of these natural alternative approaches will yield little better results than antibiotics. But there are a handful of safe home remedies that work in a whole different way and also seem to be able to really keep those symptoms at bay for either very long periods of time, or even permanently.

Regrettably it’s very unlikely that your gynecologist or GP will even know about these cures, given that it takes such a long time for natural remedies to permeate into the medical curriculum. Due to all the bureaucracy involved, conventional medicine is extremely inflexible when it comes to taking up new remedies for ANY illness, and is as a result, MILES behind the latest advances in alternative therapy.

Antibiotics are so easily trumped by these working alternative therapies, because the alternative therapies have a completely different mode of action. Simply put – they do not work in the same way. Rather than just launching a head-on attack on the overgrown bacteria and killing the good bacteria as collateral damage, natural therapies work through the back door by slyly changing the vaginal setting to make it more harsh to the bad bacteria, so they can’t survive.

Bad bacteria have a real tough time surviving in certain vaginal conditions that are bought about by working natural remedies. As a result the overgrown bacteria die away naturally and the good bacteria then thrive and serve to maintain that environment once again, ensuring that your BV does NOT return.

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